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Having more than 20 years of Experience in matrimonial services we came forward to provide 

The  best  service to the Telugu people who are looking for matrimonial alliances.


We want to provide contact details directly to the members so that they can have a direct talk with the 

suitable match without third party's interference .


Those who are interested in our service can publish their profile in our website knowing anybody may 

contact them . It is the member's choice whether to accept the proposal or not . 


www.matrimony99.com is not a Match Fixing Agency and hence we don't take any marriage fixation fee.

purely online , No manual service , No office visits.


matrimony99  is a matrimonial advertising website.  Any one who is looking for matrimonial alliance

can publish their profile in matrimony99.com like publishing in news paper etc. 


Those who are looking for matrimonial alliance can contact you directly by seeing your profile in



Anybody who is looking for marriage  alliance can register their profile to search in our website for a

suitable match. we  charge only Rs 99/- to activate the profile for 30 days and can take contact

details of  one suitable match. 





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